Faustite Obliqua Ring


One of the sweetest things I could think to do with this vintage faustite turquoise stone was to wrap it in some plant love. A hand cut monstera obliqua leaf ring band to compliment the wonderfully dreamy green and blue of this stone. Made entirely from recycled sterling silver, this ring will fit a size 10. 

Faustite is one of 5 stones within the turquoise mineral family. Instead of the aluminum being replaced in turquoise, the zinc is replaced in faustite. The turquoise mineral group includes: Turquoise, Faustite, Chalcosiderite, Aheylite, and Planerite. This specific stone that I used in this ring was purchased from a collector that loves stones even more than I do. It was kept in a tiny lidded case with the name, how it was made, that it was mined in Austin, Nevada and cut in 1976. A vintage stone that has become a part of a ring that can be loved for generations. 

The coloration of this blue-green stone is indescribable! With it's matrix veining and spots of robin's egg blue, it is the color of spring. 

Already completed one of a kind designs such as this ring will be packaged up for you and mailed off within 3-5 business days. 

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