Fat Toad and his Snack Necklace


He comes back to the same spot night after night to just sit and enjoy his surroundings while having snacks, and has done so for many years now. After hibernating through the cold harsh winters, he just seems to know where to go to get back to his home. He has lost count now how many winters it has been. He is a toad and doesn't bother himself with things like counting. And, yes, he realizes how lucky he is to have survived this long. Most of his kind don't live past two if they get the chance to even become adults. So, he relishes in it, but doing his best to stay safe all the while. 

Oh, excuse him for a moment. A fly just came down to visit. 

This piece was created to be one of a kind. Each element of it was hand carved and shaped by hand. The hand pieced necklace measures 21 inches long. The pendant itself is about 2.5 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide. Made entirely out of recycled sterling silver and copper for the fat toad, this necklace is such a beautiful way to wear your love for the tiny beings living in our forests and backyards. 

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