Kitty Jack-o-Lantern Necklace


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A piece from the hands of two nature enthused artists! 

Coral Nathan of Coral Inks is an artist that I admire the work of. We met online, from opposite ends of the Atlantic Ocean from one another, and quickly became friends because of our shared interest of the natural world. We so often share what each of us is working on, a found mushroom from one of our nature walks, or inspire ideas just while talking. I asked Coral if she would create a kitty jack-o-lantern for me and she drew the most adorable little being into existence! I then used sterling silver, brass for her glowy eyes, and copper to recreate Coral's design in my medium. This collaborative special piece is something we would like to share with you. I will only create a total of 4 of these necklaces. 

The little kitty pumpkin herself measures about 1.25 inches tall. She comes on an 18 inch long sterling silver loop chain so she can be immediately worn and loved. Every layer, every dot, every leaf vein, and every tiny carved detail within this piece is done by my hands making each of them pretty unique to themselves. Her pumpkin leaves and vine are three dimensional giving her even more purrsonality. 

Please allow me about 2-3 weeks to create your pendant for you. When they are all finished they will be packaged up sweetly and mailed off to you with a tracking number so you can follow her journey home to you. 

Also, please note that you can contact Coral about purchasing a "tattoo ticket" from her so that you could even get this adorable design tattooed on yourself by your favorite tattoo artist! How fun is that??

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