Striped Cat Wrap Ring

The iconic little M forehead stripes. I know that is one of my most favorite features of my Max kitty. M for mischief! This sterling silver adjustable ring wraps around your finger the same way a cat's striped tail wraps around your leg when you are not paying them enough attention. This hand etched ring is a sweet way to show your love for cats while you are out and about. Soft rounded little ears at the top and a little naughty curled tail at the end, this is the perfect ring for any cat lover! A ring that you can wear every day or on special occasions!

This ring will come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making it the perfect gift! If you would like, you can let me know your ring size while you check out so that I can form this ring to your exact size before it reaches you. If not, this ring is easily adjustable to your size just by squeezing it gently around your finger.

Custom made to order pieces such as this ring are created for you in 1-2 weeks and then they are mailed off to you!

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