The Striped Cat Metalworks

Cat in Orchid Garden Pendant


I really love cats. Like, a lot. I mean, I named my business AFTER a cat. So, I knew that when I had a cat pendant vision in my mind, it had to be a little over the top. I wanted to create something for you that you would never see anywhere else in the world. A piece that you fell in love with every single time you put it on. You would see new tiny details within the necklace each time you looked at it. I hope this piece does that for its intended person. 

This statement piece is made of multiple layers of thick sterling silver that I hand carved and shaped into the cat in her orchid garden theme. The pendant itself measures 3 inches tall and is 2 inches wide. An entirely hand fabricated necklace created just for this pendant measures at about 20 inches long. A intricate pattern that I chose with lots of feminine swirls and loops. Because of the nature of the clasp that I made for it, you can choose to make your necklace a bit shorter just by connecting the S hook onto a different part of the necklace. 

Stems of textured orchid flowers and sprays of foliage frame her right. Above her is a beautiful blue Morenci turquoise with flecks of sparkly pyrite within. The stone gives it just a bit of color and catches your eye. The back of the pendant has been textured with a real leaf and features my maker's mark stamp at the very bottom. 

This pendant will be a treasured heirloom that will be loved for a very long time.

Already completed one of a kind designs such as this necklace are packaged up sweetly for you and mailed off within 3-5 business days. 


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