I am still working on your creations in my studio but our mail systems have been very slow. If you need your pieces by a specific date, please order early and chat with me about when you need them and what we can do.

Small sterling silver stud earrings of cut out cats cleaning their front paws pictured on a piece of wood made by The Striped Cat Metalworks
Sterling silver cat cleaning paw earrings made by The Striped Cat Metalworks
Small handmade silver cat studs pictured in a hand to show size made by The Striped Cat Metalworks

Always Grooming Cat Earrings

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Is it not the cutest to watch your kitties cleaning their little feet? It's like meditation for me. So sweet. Curling their paw around their ear, along their cheeks, and soaking in sun beams. I thought it was a sweet moment and wanted to recreate that into wearable art. These little earrings are cut out by hand with my tiny jewelers saw and then carved a bit to give them some natural shape. Their tiny tails are cut out and pushed forward so they aren’t flat to give them even more dimension. I hand polish them all to a high shine and package them up. They are made entirely from sterling silver and are about 1/2 inches tall.

Since each of these little earrings is cut out by hand please allow some slight variation between them. It just gives them more personality and uniqueness!

Each of my pieces come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them ready to be given as a gift or as a nice gift for yourself. Custom made to order pieces are created for you within 1-2 weeks before they are mailed off to you.