Calla Lily and Rose Garden Pendant


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This pendant is kind of like if you deconstructed a fancy floral bouquet stem by stem. Instead of them all being in a vase meticulously placed, they are strewn about around a Kingman turquoise stone. I cut this stone from a chunk of rough rock hoping that it would also show shiny flecks of pyrite within it when I was finished cutting it. The pyrite catches the light and just shines on this high domed stone! This stone is such an amazing blue and catches your eye quickly. Kingman turquoise comes from a mine in Arizona and produces some amazing stones. 

Each of these flowers was carved entirely by hand from melted bits of silver in my tiny backyard studio. Multi petaled roses, tightly bound calla lilies with their stamens peeking at the top, frilly ferns with so many leaves, tiny petals and leaves here and there, all hiding an adorable little ladybug at the top of the piece. The piece is very three dimensional. Two thick folded sheets of silver hold it onto it's necklace that were designed by pressing a *real* leaf into them to leave the detail behind. The pedant itself measures 2.5 inches across and 1.5 inches tall.

I handcrafted the necklace chain myself to add to the uniqueness of this pendant. It measures 20 inches long and is held securely with a thick, yet feminine, large S hook clasp. 

This one of a kind piece will be packaged up sweetly for you making it perfect for gift giving. Completed one of a kind pieces such as this will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days. 

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