Bunny Bum Earring Studs


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I am not too sure that there is anything much cuter then when a rabbit leans up on his hind legs to look around his world with interest. Well, it may be cuter to be viewing this from behind him! Bunny bums are my favorite! Little hoppy feet, fuzzy tail, flip floppy ears listening for the lettuce container to be opened, and fluff all over. I love bunnies! 

These recycled sterling silver stud earrings are made with thick silver sheet and then hand carved to give them all their fine details. Every tiny piece of fur was etched by hand. Then the fuzziest little tail was added to make you smile. They are about 1/2 inch tall but packed with so much personality! Because each of these earrings is cut out by hand, no two will ever be the same, and that just makes them even more special. The perfect gift for the rabbit lover in your life, someone hoping on Spring, or animal lover!

I created these earrings so that we could all wear rabbits to make us smile, but also so that we can donate $5 from every pair sold to Karen who takes care of SO many wild rabbits (as well as other small mammals! My favorites, SQUIRRELS!) and releases them back into the wild after they are ready. Karen is a licensed wildlife rehabber up in Vermont and she has my heart. I would love to be able to help her a bit with this, unpaid, and thankless job that is so necessary for our wildlife friends. Please follow along on her Facebook page to see all the animals that she has helped survive, thrive, and then learn to live their best wild lives!


Each of my pieces will come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving, or as a nice gift for yourself. A gift that not only will make someone happy to receive them but warm their heart because we were able to make a donation in your name to the animals that call Karen home. Custom made to order pieces such as these earrings take about 1-2 weeks for me to create before they are mailed off to you. 

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