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Besom of the Witch Necklace


There is a very long and winding history attached to brooms, or besoms as most witches call them. A lot of it was made up by those wishing to make others hate and fear folks using plants and the world around them to help heal and thrive. What is known is that witches use brooms in magick and ritual. The pagan broom, or “besom”, is used in ritual for cleansing the general circle or ritual area. It is used to sweep out negative feelings, thoughts, and intentions from our homes. It has been said that a witch would put her broom outside next to her front door, bristles side up, to secretly let others know within the community that they are a safe space for those that practiced witchcraft. 

A besom is thought to have both male and female properties, therefore is used in handfasting ceremonies. The masculine aspect is attributed to the handle, while the feminine is attributed to the bristles. Because of both of these energies it is used to bring a man and woman together in marriage. Both will jump over the broom laid upon the ground and hope not to touch it at all as it would bring them bad luck within their married lives. This was first documented within the Roma community in the 1700's because they were not allowed to have a religious marriage.

The first documented person to use a besom broom was Guillaume Edelin in 1453 AD. It was rumored that Guillaume called himself a witch. Artwork from 15th century Europe depicts witches flying on brooms and later woodcuts in, A History of Witches and Wizards, in 1720 AD as well. Since witches have long endured persecution, the besom became a way of keeping treasures and secrets hidden. Wands, herbs, and vials containing potions could be kept safely in the besom’s bristles. It has been reported that some larger besoms even had hidden compartments. Others believe that spirits could be temporarily kept in a witch’s besom. 

I created this besom with healing plants and herbs to aid you in your life's journey. Eucalyptus, lavender, sweetgrass, English ivy, sensitive fern, and shiitake mushrooms. All protective plants for your mind and body. This one of a kind necklace was carved entirely by hand. The necklace measures 25 inches long and the besom itself is 5 inches across. The two interlocking S clasps will allow you to wear the necklace at it's longest length, or if you prefer to wear it shorter, you can do that as well. 

Already created one of a kind pieces such as this necklace will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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