Axolotl Earrings


I am not sure how much you know about these guys, but they are AMAZING little animals. I mean, come one, they look like they are smiling all the time! But while they are unique and adorable they need our help, most importantly. Axolotls are wild creatures that live in Mexico in very specific areas. Sadly, these areas are often filled with polluted waters and are being urbanized so these animals have no chance at all to survive. Axolotls are on the Critically Endangered list and need our help because their numbers are decreasing all the time. You can find axolotls pretty often being rehomed so there is always someone who needs to be adopted. Just as important, we need to educate others on how to care for them and help protect them in the wild. With the sale of these earrings I am going to donate a percentage to The Amphibian Foundation to help with the educational and conservation work that they do. Amphibians are often the first to suffer when our water and lands are not clean and cared for. They are so fragile! And we need amphibians! Please check out their website to read more about these amazing animals and how we can all help them <3

Every one of these earrings is made from recycled sterling silver and cut out and shaped by hand. No two creatures will ever look the same just as they are in the wild. I make them *just* for you. Each axolotl is made from layers of hand cut sterling silver and even given the tiniest of flowy caudal fins behind his sweet smiling face! Little eyes, little smiles, and then etched, shaped, and polished to become a unique animal. The earrings are each about 1 inch wide and on sterling silver posts.

Each of my pieces comes to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving. Please allow 1-2 weeks for me to create your earrings specifically for you and they they will be mailed off to you!

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