American Robin and Turquoise Earrings


*cheer up, cheer up, cheerily*

This is how the song of one of our favorite song birds in North America is described. How can they not make you smile when you hear a bird song that says cheer up? American robins are some of the first song birds to be seen in early spring kicking the leaves around from the last fall looking for insects to eat. Kick, kick, stare at the dirt. Kick, kick, stare at the dirt.

The American robin was named so because it closely resembled the European robin, though both have pretty rust colored chests the European robin is much smaller, by early settlers to North America. Their dark heads, fluffy little rust colored bellies, and sweet calls are the perfect addition to spring. 

These two were given their own robin's egg blue lavender turquoise stones to protect. The color and veining in them is perfectly suited for these sweet tiny birds!  Made entirely from sterling silver and hand carved, with a touch of real copper given to their bellies, the drop on these earrings are about 2.75 inches long. Each robin is nibbling on an earthworm. Truly one of a kind earrings to show your love for these wonderful little beloved birds. 


Already completed one of a kind designs such as these robin dangle earrings will be packaged up and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days.

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