Turquoise with Pyrite Twig Ring


1 piece in stock.

This one of a kind turquoise and pyrite ring was cut by me and then I later created a little twig for it to be set as a ring. It is made to fit around a size 8.25 but is very generous with different sizes to wear it because of the way the band is shaped. The pyrite is so sparkly and catches the light! The stone is held snugly within a pretty patterned bezel and then I wrapped the realistically hand carved twig around it. After it was all soldered together I gave it a bath in a darkening solution and then hand polished it in specific places to bring out the depth in the twig.

I create these little twigs by melting, fusing, and carving sterling silver sheets with tiny tools. No two twigs will ever look the same!

I send all of my pieces to you in sweetly decorated gift boxes making them perfect for gift giving or as a nice gift for yourself. One of a kind finished pieces will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days.

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