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A matching set of engagement ring bands. One has a Herkimer diamond in the center and wildflowers on each side of the stone. The rings are placed upon a wildflower bouquet of flowers in oranges and reds.
A close up of a handmade herkimer diamond ring with local silver wildflowers on each side of the diamond. It is shown on a dark grey piece of stone.
A Herkiner diamond and wildflower ring as a side view. This direction allows you to see the strawflowers, wheatheads, and the side of the diamond.
The left side of the Herkimer diamond and wildflower right. It has strawflowers, wheat heads, and a tiny maple leaf. It is shown on a dark grey piece of slate.
The side view of the ring showing the tiny maple leaf and the tree bark patterned band. It is shown on a dark grey piece of stone.
A set of matching sterling silver wedding bands. Both have the texture of tree bark but one of the rings has a Herkimer diamond in the center and surrounded by handmade silver wildflowers. The rings are shown on a colorful fall maple leaf.
Native Wildflower Herkimer Diamond Ring
A beautiful local wildflower wedding bouquet with two wedding rings on top of the flowers. The flowers, vines, and dried grasses are in all different shades of tan, oranges, and reds.
Two wedding rings in a wooden bowl. One ring shows the tree bark pattern and the other ring has a Herkimer diamond in the center of the band and tiny silver wildflowers next to it.
Hands being shown wearing the wedding bands. Their hands are on top of the wedding bouquet of local wildflowers that the rings were modeled after.
A hand is shown picking an apple while wearing the Herkimer diamond ring. Leaves from the tree are in the background and the person is wearing a white wedding dress.

Native Wildflower Herkimer Diamond Ring

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Some of the most loved and beautiful bouquets are made up of wildflowers and grasses. Hand picked from your backyard garden, open fields, and green forests, but gifted to you with love. This one of a kind sterling silver ring was created to mirror one of these native wildflower bouquets. Now you can wear your most cherished flowers forever. Many choose to have their wedding bouquets preserved, so why not have a ring created to remind you of your favorite flowers every time you look down at your ring? 

This locally mined Herkimer diamond is the focal point of this ring but it is surrounded by wildflowers. On each side of the stone are strawflowers, wheat heads, daisies, and tiny maple leaves. A New England tribute, for the love of wildflowers, or just because you enjoy wearing art! The hand hammered band sweetens the ring's design to mimic tree bark, the trees surrounding the wildflower fields. 

This wildflower ring is made to fit a size 6.5. It will come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making it the perfect gift. Or, something special for you to wear because of your love of wildflowers. 

Please be sure to check out the matching tree bark ring as well. That ring can be made to order in any size. It can be found here -