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The Striped Cat Metalworks created a one of a kind sterling silver moose pendant with a mother and baby moose shown in a grassy swamp all made from sterling silver with a natural amber stone.
Sterling silver handmade mother moose and baby pendant made by The Striped Cat Metalworks. The pendant has an amber colored stone and shown on a slate piece of rock.
A side view of the shadowbox moose pendant shown with an amber stone on a slate colored piece of stone. Made by The Striped Cat Metalworks.
The bottom view of a moose pendant show the tiny silver stones lining the edge of the piece. Made by The Striped Cat Metalworks.
The bottom view of a handmade moose pendant made by The Striped Cat Metalworks.
A close up of the natural amber gemstone at the top of a handmade moose pendant created by The Striped Cat Metalworks.
A handmade mother and child moose pendant shown in someone's hand to show the pendant's size. Made by The Striped Cat Metalworks.
A mother and baby moose pendant made from sterling silver. It has a deep orange round amber stone at the top to represent the sun and they are surrounded by cat tails, stones, and plants. The pendant is on a dark grey and while stone and surrounded by mosses.

Mother and Child Moose Pendant

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There is nothing sweeter than a mother's love. I wanted to recreate the bond that a mother moose has with her child in this pendant so that you could feel it when you looked upon it. Both the mother and baby are carved to nestle together like a perfectly fitting puzzle piece. Made from multiple layers of recycled sterling silver, each of them was hand carved to show off their iconic long legs, tall shoulders, round rumps, and the sweetest of tiny tails. The way that they are looking at each other says so much.

I created a tiny swamp land area for them to live in with the most adorable cat tails, grasses, tiny stones, and twisty leaves surrounding them. Behind them is a flat land filled with tufts of grass for them to nibble on. Above them are fluffy 3 dimensional clouds with etched winds swirling around. The background was given a texture to show the winds blowing over the grasslands. High in the sky above the two is a natural amber stone to represent the sunshine. The amber is the prettiest shade of orange with some natural flecks of inclusions making it all the more interesting to look into.  

This one of a kind shadowbox pendant is about 2 inches tall from the three loops to hold it onto it's 18 inch long necklace, and is about 1.25 inches wide at the widest point of the shadowbox. The delicate necklace is in a loop pattern with alternating links of oval and circular rings. 

Each of my pieces come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving. Already created one of a kind pieces such as the pendant will be shipped out to you within 3-5 business days.