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A sterling silver cardinal necklace with a male and a female northern cardinal. The necklace is shown on a piece of dark grey slate. There is a deep red colored garnet stone at the bottom of the necklace as well.
A close up shot of the red garnet rose cut stone at the bottom of the pendant. It is shown on a dark grey stone.
A close up shot of the faces of both of the cardinal birds. You can see them surrounded by tiny silver leaves and they are sitting in a tree together.
Another close up of the birds showing their find detail of etched feathers and darker face masks.
Another close up shot of the deep red garnet stone at the bottom of the pendant. It is shown on a dark red piece of wood.
A handmade northern cardinal sterling silver necklace shown on a piece of dark red wood. The cardinals are sitting in a silver tree with lots of leaves around them. At the bottom of the necklace dangles a dark red garnet stone that is rose cut so that it catches the light and shines.

Cardinal Necklace with Garnet

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Have you ever noticed that when you see a male cardinal a female cardinal soon follows? These beautiful birds normally mate for life and make it their life's mission to feed each other, protect each other, and to raise their family together. It is often said that when you see a cardinal, a loved one that you lost is near. How wonderful is that? The happiness that these little bright red birds bring to us humans is immeasurable! 

A perfect gift for someone who loves nature, feeding the birds, or has a fond memory of a loved one that enjoyed these little birds so much. 

This handmade and one of a kind necklace is about 2.5 inches tall and about 2 inches wide. It will come to you on a 20 inch long sterling silver cable chain. The deep red garnet gives this piece a reminder of the beautiful coloration of these amazing birds. Because the garnet is a rose cut pattern it sparkles and catches the light in every direction. The birds were both shaped, carved, etched, and given all their tiny details so that they appear just as they are fluffy feathered. Each mini leaf cut out by hand and placed in the perfect spot to give these two a safe place to live forever. 

Already finished one of a kind pieces such as this necklace are packaged up sweetly and mailed off to you within 3-5 business days.