Silver handmade monstera necklace-The Striped Cat Metalworks- Botanical Jewelry
Silver Monstera Pendant-Handmade Plant Necklace-The Striped Cat Metalworks-Silver Botanical Necklace
Silver Monstera Necklace being held in hand to show size-The Striped Cat Metalworks-Plant Jewelry
sterling silver monstera deliciosa necklace being worn-The Striped Cat Metalworks- Botanical Jewelry

Monstera Deliciosa Necklace

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Have you seen this plant in person? And how HUGE they can get? They are so unique and fun! They start out as a little heart shaped leave and then the older, and happier, the plant gets the more holes and tears the leaves produce. I feel like this should be a life lesson for us. The more we live life, get beat up a little but make it through, the happier we are. This is one of those kinds of plants that you love to watch grow. It is no wonder that everyone seems to love them right now! Unbelievably, I do not own one in my massive indoor garden so asked a friend if I could replicate one of her beautiful plant's leaves. So, this is an exact replica of a real plant! The last photo is of her amazing plant that I used as inspiration!

Isn't this the perfect gift for the gardener, plant lady, or for yourself? ;)

This necklace is entirely handmade from recycled sterling silver sheet with each hole and fenestration cut out by hand. The pendant leaf itself is 1.25 inches tall and about 1 inch wide. Because they are handmade no two are exactly the same. Just as with our plant friends! I used a real leaf to press the vein pattern into each of the monstera leaves, twisted their leaves like they sit naturally, and darkened them a bit to give them so much detail. A thick sterling twisty little stem finishes them off! A truly handmade piece of jewelry. 

Each of my pieces come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving to the plant lady in your life. Custom made to order for you jewelry such as this necklace takes 1-2 weeks for me to create and then it is mailed off to you.