Tiny Maple Leaf and Mouse Necklace


Bring a tiny friend with you while you adventure during your day. The tiniest of mice sits on his maple leaf home. I carved this tiny mouse from a miniature chunk of silver and gave him ears and a tail. A veined maple leaf, made with a REAL leaf, with a twisty copper stem holds them onto their necklace. A little piece of the forest to wear around your neck.

They come with an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace making them ready for wearing while on your adventures.

Because I hand carve each of these mice by hand with mini tools they each look a little different. They are all unique as are each of the leaves that they live on. There will never be two exactly alike! These are also custom made for each person that orders them so they take 1-2 weeks to create before they are mailed off to you!

Are you looking for a larger necklace in this theme? Check out my larger mouse family on a maple leaf also in my shop!


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