Tiny Phoebe Earrings


These sweet little eastern phoebe stud earrings are sure to make you smile with their tiny features. They are made with multiple layers of hand shaped silver so that they have texture and shape. Every one of their minute feathers was cut out and then textured by hand. I especially love it when a phoebe will fluff up the feathers on the very top of their heads when they really mean business. These adorable earrings are also given that little bit of sass. Flicky tails that they fluff about when they are perched, round white bellies that look so soft, and their blackened heads with dark backs. They are such an adorable little bird, aren't they?

Every pair of these earrings will be made just for you and each one will be it's our unique creature. They are about 1 inch wide and made from recycled sterling silver. The earring posts and push backs are sterling silver as well. These earrings are a sweet way to show your love for birds, nature, and the beauty that surrounds us all the time. 

Each of my pieces will come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving, or as a nice surprise for yourself. Custom made orders such as these earrings take me 1-2 weeks to create before they are mailed off to you.

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