I will not be in my studio from August 4 - August 9 for some much needed time with my family. Orders can still be taken but I will not be able to start on them until after August 9. Be well!

Sterling silver nook leaf earrings that dangle. They are about .75 inches tall and are shown on a green stem outdoors.
A hand holding stelring silver handmade nook leaf earrings from the game Animal Crossing. They are about .75 inches tall.
A dainty Nook leaf ring shown on a round circular band and on top of a dark grey piece of slate.
An earring and necklace set of the iconic Nook leaf design made from sterling silver. Shown on a dark grey piece of slate.

Animal Crossing Nook Leaf Earrings

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The iconic little Nook leaf that is recognizable *anywhere*. These sterling silver earrings are hand cut from thick recycled metal and added to earrings in either a dangling style or a stud earring style, your choice! The little leafs are about .75 inches tall and polished to a high shine to catch the light. Wearing them while playing your game or while you are out and about!

Each of my pieces come to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving or as a nice surprise for yourself. Custom made to order pieces such as these earrings take 1-2 weeks for me to complete for you before they are mailed off. 

Be sure to check out the matching necklace and dainty leaf ring!