Poncho the Muscovy Duck Pendant


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This handmade pendant was created to represent one of the cutest ducks around, Poncho! Poncho is a rescued muscovy duck that lives at Arthur's Acres in New York. This little duck loves nothing more than to follow people around and have chats with them. He has the sweetest duck whispers when he is trying to chat with you, all the while his fluffy white tuft of feathers on the top of his head are moving up and down. Poncho always seems to have something important to say. Poncho came to his forever home with what is called "angel wing". This most likely happened while he was very young and still growing. Thankfully it doesn't cause him any harm. It is just one more sweet thing that makes this boy who he is. I knew that when I set out to create a pendant of Poncho it had to include his little white mohawk and his angel wing! 

Each of these pendants will be made for you from recycled sterling silver that I melt down and shape in my little backyard studio. Every feather is cut out, hand etched, and strategically placed to form his little body. His wing feathers are twisted a bit and stick out to represent our tiny friend's angel wing. I gave him a copper mask with the tiniest silver eye right in the middle. Muscovies have bright red caruncles because they love to dabble in the mud and they stop their face feathers from getting dirty. Dabble, isn't that the cutest word? 

The pendants will all be about 1.25 inches tall including the little silver loop to hold them onto a necklace, and about 1 inch wide to the tip of his fluffy bum feathers. There are small pure copper balls added around the teardrop surrounding Poncho to give him just a bit more fun. Because each one of them is handmade just for you, remember none of them will be exactly the same. Each pendant will come to you on an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace and packaged sweetly. Custom made to order pieces such as Poncho take 1-2 weeks for me to create before they are mailed off to you.

$20 from every sale will be donated directly to Poncho in your name!

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