Max the Pig with his Puppy Necklace


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This handmade pendant features Max the piglet and his fuzzy stuffed puppy friend that now lives with Todd at Arthur's Acres in New York. Max had a terrible start to his short life and was not going to be lucky enough to grow up. He would be food. Thankfully Max ended up with Todd! The photo of Max that Todd shared melted my heart and I knew it needed to be memorialized in silver.

This pendant measures about 1.5 inches tall and is made of multiple layers of hand cut recycled sterling silver. Each strand of fur on Max's puppy was etched by hand. Max's sweet sleepy smile, his floppy ears, and tiny outstretched little hooves were carved to represent this tiny being. Parts of the piece are hand polishes to a high shine while others are darkened to represent the shadows and brown patches on Max's puppy. Each of these pendants are made from scratch by hand and with love. There will be a limited number of pendants made so that they remain extra special. There was so much love for this pendant that we were asked to open orders for it so that we can help Todd even more! 

The pendant will come to you on an 18 inch long sterling silver necklace and packaged sweetly. Handmade pieces such as this take 2 weeks to create for you before they are ready to be mailed off to your hands. 

Proceeds from this piece will be donated to Max in your name ♥️

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