Hand Carved Moon Phase Bracelet


1 piece in stock.

These one of a kind sterling silver bracelets came about by shaping, molding, and manipulating it while my flame. Seven phases of the moon, all different, cling to the mimicked tree branch style bracelet. Darkened to bring out the moon phase features as well as all the nooks and crags within the tree branch. A piece to wear with anything. It would make a lovely bracelet in a stack of different styles, or be it's own conversation piece when worn alone. 

The open back style allows the bracelet to be slightly opened and closed so that it will perfectly fit a variety of wrist sizes. Open it just enough to slip onto your wrist sideways and then give it a little squeeze to fit comfortably. 

Custom made to order designs such as these bracelets take me 1-2 weeks to create for you. 

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