Sleepy Fox Kit Pendant


He found the perfect, cozy, fox shaped spot to take a little nap, didn't he? With his fluffy tail wrapped under his chin and making the best kind of pillow, he is just resting his eyes to be ready for causing more mischief! Made with multiple layers of recycled sterling silver, he was hand carved to give him all his sweet facial details and texture. This kit is nestled in a spot made of craggy twigs, twisted delicate vines, and ferns to keep him hidden while he rests. All pieces that are formed while molten in my torch's flame and then carved by hand.

The background of this pendant was darkened and then given shining stars and constellations to represent the night sky. A handcrafted glow in the dark glass moon created by my daughter and miniature glass artist, Abigail Castagnaro, sits at the very top of the piece. It will glow bright blue for you when in dimly lit areas as well as in the dark. Even in bright light it is wonderful to behold because you can see all of the delicate details she gave the moon face! Tiny craters, shadows, and swirls! 

The necklace was hand pieced especially for this pedant. An alternating pattern of narrow ovals and circles ending with a forest leaf pattern and an S clasp to hold it all closed. Two forest leaves are also at the beginning of the necklace framing the pendant. The necklace is equivalent to about a 20 inch chain. The pendant is 2.5 inches tall and about 2.25 inches wide. 

This entire piece is handcrafted from the very beginning using recycled sterling silver and was hand forged. This sleepy fox kit will always be a one of a kind design. 

Each of my pieces come to you tucked into a sweet gift box making them perfect for gift giving, or as a nice gift to yourself! One of a kind already completed designs such as this necklace will be shipped off to you within 3-5 business days. 

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