Ocean Friends Statement Hoop Earrings


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It looks as though a one and a half inch round of the ocean was placed into each of these hoops to be enjoyed. The sassy yellow tang swimming in and out of her macroalgae home keeping guard over her favorite foods and safe space. They are very protective of *their* space because finding the perfect patch of growing algae not only keeps them fed, but safe from predators as well. She was made from multiple layers of hand carved recycled sterling silver. Her general shape cut out with my vintage jeweler's saw, and then using carving tools to make her come to life right from the silver itself. Her textured algae surrounding her, she is happy!

Clownfish form pairs and will mate for life until one of them passes. They will bond and find the perfect spot to mate and lay eggs. Both guarding their babies, they can be ferocious little creatures to keep them safe if need be! The female a little larger than the male, they are never not next to each other. Swimming up and down following the currents of the sea around them, they are a sight to behold while in the wild!

The stones that I paired these three with are turquoise backed plume agates. As soon as my eyes found them, I knew what they would be made into! They are called coral sea agates because of the ocean blue backing and coral like plumes within each stone.

Since these earrings are made entirely by hand, measurements are approximate and differ from each other a little bit. That gives these earrings even more personality and fun details to pick out every time you look at them. The entire height of each earring is 3 inches including the stones. Each hoop is about 1.5 inches tall and wide. They were given sterling silver flat disc backs to hold some of the weight of these statement earrings for you. The flat back allow more of a connection to your earlobe so all weight is not just on the post through your ear. These earrings are not for the faint of heart but aren't they wonderfully unique and fun?? There will never be another person on this planet wearing earrings like yours!  

These earrings will be packaged up sweetly for you and mailed off within 3-5 business days. 

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