Luna Moth Hair Fork


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These beautiful creatures will make your heart skip a beat when you meet one in person. They are just otherworldly! Born without mouths to drink, created in one of the most beautiful shades of soft green, wingspans that rival many birds, they are a sight to behold. Luna moths live such short lives as adults but they create such beauty on this planet.

This luna moth is entirely handmade and made from recycled sterling silver. Nothing about this piece was cast, but instead created by hand from melted silver. She was carved by hand and then given each tiny piece of fuzzy softness to her body with tweezers so that she was perfectly realistic. Above her, phases of the moon that rule so much of her life. Textured, cratered, mountainous moons. Her fuzzy antenna aiming her towards them. 

The entire hair fork from top to bottom measures 6.5 inches tall. The fork that goes into your hair is about 4 inches long. The luna moth herself measures about 2.25 inches across her wings. The sterling fork tines can be bent a bit to better fit your needs. 

Hair forks are meant to be a unique way to dress up your hair style. Tucked into a secured ponytail, braid, or bun, they are a beautiful and one of a kind addition to what you wear that makes you, you. Because this luna moth hair fork was made entirely by hand, there will never be another like it on Earth. 

This luna will be packaged up for you and mailed out within 3-5 business days. 

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