Ladybug in Maple Leaf Home Ring


1 piece in stock.

This is a hand carved recycled sterling silver ladybug hiding in her tiny curled maple leaf home. She is trying to stay a little cozy during these chillier days. I create every ladybird beetle from scratch and carve them by hand with tiny tools from the silver so each of them has their own personality! There will never be two creatures that look alike because of this! She was then soldered onto a hand pierced maple leaf with tiny veins and twisted, crisp edges to keep her safe. There is an impression of a leaf I collected from my forested back yard and I pressed it into the ring band to give it texture. After being created, I added a darkening patina to the piece and then lightly hand polished it again to give it a shine and life!

This entirely hand made ring was created into a size 7 band.

Each of my pieces comes to you in a sweetly decorated gift box making them perfect for gift giving or as a nice gift for yourself.

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