Glow in the Dark Anglerfish and Friends Necklace


The dark depths of the sea brought to the sunlight. This one of a kind sterling necklace is sure to start conversations. The female and male anglerfish are such unique creatures. Their lives and mating habits are extremely unique! That is why they needed to be made into wearable art! 

The female anglerfish takes center stage within this piece. And it makes sense. She is about 40 times larger than the male angler. Swimming in the very deepest parts of the sea using her bioluminescent esca, or lure, to attract food to her she is a sight. There is no light that reaches down there so that lure, and animals having bioluminescent features, is the only thing that allows them to survive by attracting other animals to them for food. That lure is also what helps the male to find her to mate. Now, this is the crazy part. Ready? The male will bite onto the female and eventually fuse into becoming one with her. The female's blood supply runs through him and by doing this, it allows the male to fertilize the females eggs as he is absorbed into her body. He is the tiny, drab, dark fish on the right side of the pendant. Not much to look at, is he? She, with her fierce sharp teeth, bioluminescent spots all over her body, and a real glow in the dark glass lure make her such a sight! 

Believe it or not there are several types of animals that live in the deep along with the anglerfish. Butterfly snails, or Thecosomata, are one of them. These snails have evolved into growing their "foot" to have wider parts on each side and they become a type of underwater wings to help them move faster through the water. If you watch a video of their movement, you would swear you are watching a drunken butterfly flitter through the air. The snails often appear upside down because they are "flying" about. 

The back of this piece has a wonderfully textured and free floating jellyfish. Long flowing oral arms and tentacles below them. A little surprise on the back of the scene that only you know about. The wide, reaching, detailed seaweed holds everyone in one place. 

The pendant itself is about 4 inches across, 2 inches tall, and the necklace with the sweet heart shaped clasp make the necklace about 19 inches long. It will come to you in a giftbox making it perfect for gift giving. Already made one of a kind designs such as this anglerfish will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days. 

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