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Animal  Crossing Blathers necklace with an atlas moth to the left of the necklace. Blathers is holding a little book with a tiny butterfly on it and the word "ew" next to it. This necklace is made from sterling silver and shown on a dark reddish brown piece of wood.
A handmade sterling silver Blathers necklace from the video game Animal Crossing. He is holding a tiny silver book with a little butterfly on it and the word "ew" because he dislikes bugs. It is shown on a piece of reddish brown piece of wood.
A sterling silver atlas moth from the video game Animal Crossing New Horizons. There is a lot of tiny silver detail on the moth and it is about 1 inch wide.
A sterling silver Blathers necklace with a 1 inch wide silver atlas moth within the necklace chain. There is a heart clasp at the end.
A sterling silver lobster clasp that holds onto a silver heart to close the necklace. It is shown on a piece of reddish brown wood.

Animal Crossing Blathers, his Atlas Moth, and his Book of Bugs

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The first time I met Blathers, with my pockets full of living creatures, I was beyond excited to see what he would teach me! I explored on my island longer than my eyes wanted me to some nights *just* so I could go see Blathers and learn more. He is one of my favorite parts of Animal Crossing. I giggle every single time I bring him a bug to donate because he promises to take care of the "wretched thing". What a guy, huh? As you can see, he holds onto a tiny identification guide with a butterfly and a teenie tiny "ew" next to it. He REALLY dislikes bugs!

Blathers is made entirely from recycled sterling silver and from multiple layers of thick silver so that he has shape and dimension. How else could I get his checkered sweater to look it's best?? And that bowtie that makes me look so professional (even though he wears no pants!) He is a tiny bit over 1 inch tall and almost 1.25 inches wide.

Along side of Blathers is an atlas moth within the necklace chain itself. One of my favorite insects to find within the game! They are so large and beautifully detailed, so I created Blather's moth in the same manner. Made of the tiniest of speckles, spots, triangles, and even a striped body and miniature antennae! This little 1 inch wide moth is made entirely of tiny details that were hand placed piece by piece with miniature tweezers to make him perfect! 

This necklace chain is also made of sterling silver and ends with a large sterling lobster clasp and heart for it to hold onto. The necklace is equivalent to a 20 inch long chain but because of the way it is made with the larger heart at the end, you can clip your necklace a bit shorter so that it fits in a different way. 

Blathers and his little atlas moth and Book of Ew is a one of a kind piece. I created this necklace from silver that I melted in my crucible and rolled into each thickness that I needed for his details. Hand carved to shape his eyes, bowtie, and even his striped legs. There will never be another made like him. This makes him even more special and such a conversation piece!

He will come to you in a sweetly decorated jewelry box making him perfect for gift giving. One of a kind finished pieces such as Blathers will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days.