Squirrel, Acorns, and Flower Stacking Rings


The personality of squirrels really cannot be matched. The way they will do whatever it takes to get to a snack is just adorable to watch! Fuzzy tails, soft plush bellies, tiny paws, and those little ears! Squirrels are some of my most favorite animals and I wanted to create something for you to wear that would also show your love for them. 

This sweet little stacker set of three rings features a squirrel, a band of flower heads, and one band with two hand carved copper acorns. Each set is handmade for you from the beginning so they will be made in your size. Just let me know your size during the check out or in an email. 

Carefully cut out so that he would have the most details, this tiny sterling silver squirrel was then hand etched to give him his fluffy tail, soft belly, and tucked paws. 

The two copper acorns are also carved from metal so no two will ever be alike. Dainty and sweet, acorns one day grow up to be the most majestic of trees! Not only are they a favorite food of our beloved grey squirrels, but they remind us to grow strong while the world is busy around us. Oak trees are such an important part of our ecosystem and for our native wildlife to depend on. 

The third band is of little flower heads to complete this nature scene. Made of sterling silver and something that can even be worn alone. 

Also be sure to see the matching squirrel earrings!


All of my pieces come to you in a gift box making them ready to be given as a gift, or as a gift for yourself. Custom made to order pieces are created for you within 1-2 weeks before they are mailed off to you.

These specific rings are made and sold so that I can donate money to those that are rescuing squirrels in need. ❤️

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