*Pre-Order* Golden Fireflies!


If you would like a little magic in your life, please allow me to create your very own tiny adventure companion.


These 14k gold fireflies will be made for each of you, and only 5 will ever be made. One has already flown off to her home so there are 4 left to be adopted. Each of these little ladies are made from solid 14k gold and shaped by hand to make them appear just as if a lightning bug has landed on a leaf and perched there to look around. Their leaves are made from recycled sterling silver and created by pressing a *real* leaf through my mill to leave behind a one of a kind texture. Every leaf will be unique! The twisty stem will be soldered closed to hold them on an 18 inch long sterling rope chain. Her glow in the dark bum was made with permanently glowing borosilicate hard glass. She just needs a touch of light or sunshine on her face for a moment and she will glow a beautiful blue for you! 

Since each of these sweet insects will be made from scratch, no two will ever be the same. If there are some slight variations you would like for me to make your friend with, let's chat about it after your purchase and see if we can make it happen. 

One of a kind handmade pieces such as these fireflies will take about 2-3 weeks for me to create for you. 

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