One of a Kind Mouse and Mushroom Forest Cuff


This truly is a one of a kind bracelet that took months to complete. Carry a little piece of nature with you wherever you go with this piece of whimsical woodland jewelry. The mosses, lichens, greenery, quartz crystals, and stones in the resin cabochon were collected from my back woods in central Massachusetts. These handpicked elements were added over the course of week to ensure that each piece stayed where it was supposed to.

Each sterling silver creature and piece of nature is crafted from melted silver that is painstakingly melted, worked and shaped into each unique element. Tiny mushrooms of several varieties and the littlest mice watching your every move!

This piece of fairytale jewelry will fit a variety of wrists as the back is slightly open. It can be squeezed tighter to fit the wearers wrist to make it comfortable and once fitted shouldn’t need to be opened and closed regularly (as the metals don’t like being bent and stretched regularly)

This fall bracelet comes in a gorgeous gift box and is the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life, or a beautiful gift for yourself.

One of a kind pieces that are completed such as this bracelet will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days.

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